Car Tune Ups Austin

It's easy to forget about your car when you're busy. But, not working on it can lead to expensive repairs later down the line! That is why every six months or so (depending on how often they are used) drivers should schedule an inspection where professionals will check for leaks and other problems that might have otherwise gone unnoticed; if anything comes up during this process then there could be costly consequences like water damage which would cost more than just parts alone to fix... but now isn't exactly the time to worry about those things.

Ignition System

It's hard to believe, but there is more to your engine than just the gas and air flow. Ignition systems cause problems for cars that have been around since before you were born because they haven't had any modern updates from manufacturers yet - even though newer models don't need them!


Do You Have Car To Be Fixed?

Spark Plugs

In modern cars, the spark plugs are responsible for igniting fuel within an engine. The gaps in these cylinders can wear down from heat and pressure over time which causes them not to function properly as well as producing sparks that may become intermittent or stop altogether once this has occurred with no resolution except replacement by a professional mechanic who knows how best suit your needs when it comes to anything related automotive services.

Ignition Wires

Ignition wires are the components that allow an engine to fire. They can become worn out over time, resulting in either a failed spark plug connection or faulty ignition coil (which could also cause misfire). To avoid this problem it's important for all sets of ignitions to be replaced at once so they match each other well and work properly with your car by matching its rotation; if these connections were crossed wire-wise then you would have bad sound plus possibly rough running because every cylinder tries firing off without success... this can lead to permanent damage if not dealt with by a professional mechanic.

Distributor Cap & Rotor (if applicable)

The distributor cap is where the rotating arm with metal tip spins at high speed, making contact to spark plugs. Over time these points wear out and cannot make sure connections every rotation which leads either random firing or no firing at all in your car engine! During a car tune up it's recommended that both be replaced while they will match perfectly together because there's nothing worse than having an issue when you're about ready repair something else wrong too 🙂


You know that car with all of its filters on the engine? Well, they're not just there for show. These are essential to keep out anything harmful and will have an impact if one gets blocked which can cause your vehicle performance!

Air Filters

A car has many filters on its engine and it's their duty to make sure that any contaminants don't get in the way of ventilation system. If these filters blockages occur, then performance will be impacted because they can directly affect how well an engine runs.

Oil Filter

Oil filters are the key to preventing engine damage. If they become clogged, contaminants can still flow around your vehicle's internals and cause high oil pressure that could lead to costly repairs or even failure of an important component like a piston ring. Changing auto mobile oil and Oil filter  them at regular intervals will keep you on the road!

Others Component( PCV valve, Fluids, Belts, Battery )

A PCV valve can become clogged with carbon over time, leading to excessive oil usage by the engine and an air-to fuel ratio that is richer than normal. Belt tensioning may be changed during a full tune up for this reason as well due again in part from dry heat here in Austin where we live!

Being a mechanic means that it's part of my job to make sure car engines are running smoothly. During an engine tune-up, many fluids will need changing or topping off if their levels have dropped below what is required for optimal performance and function;

Sometimes different parts might also get worked on during the process such as when someone replaces their timing belt (which we don't recommend unless this needs done!). You should always buy spare parts with identical specifications so there won’t be any surprises once yours breaks down too soon after purchase!

Do You Have Car To Be Fixed?