Oil Change Austin

The type of oil your car needs changes depending on what kind it is. But when you're due for an oil change, all cars get the same stuff—no matter their make or model!


When you go for an oil change, the technician will do what?

- They will change the oil filter

- Inspect the car's engine for leaks or other problems

- Fill it with fresh motor oil (If applicable)

- Top off your engine with a synthetic blend of motor oil

Explanation: For most vehicles, they will change the oil filter and fill it with fresh motor oil. If your vehicle requires a specific type of motor oil, such as a synthetic blend, they will top off your engine tank using that type of fluid.



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Why oil is important?

- Oil lubricates gears to stop them from grinding against each other.

- It also fills in gaps or spaces in the engine which can wear or freeze something.

- Without moving, there's no compression and without compression, your engine won't run.

- Without oil the pistons will eventually overheat and seize up, but there are others too... If you want to know more you should ask a mechanic instead of us! 🙂

Why auto mobile oil breaks down?

-Oil breaks down due to oxidation

-Oil typically needs to be replaced after 6 months or 10,000 miles depending on if it is synthetic or not.

-Engines break with use and high mileage whether it's because of wear inside an engine due to lack of lubrication or overheating caused by insufficient cooling capacity (a good example of this process is when you cook food in a pan for too long)

What parts are used in pumping oil around the engine?

In order to have a properly lubricated engine, it is important that there be a constant supply of oil from the engine. In an engine, oil is pumped right to where it needs to be. There are many parts that are necessary for this process to occur such as the oil pan, oil pump, and the oil filter. The oil pan holds the engine oil and acts as a reservoir in the case that there is ever too much or too little oil. The pump then transports it to where it's needed in the various parts in the engine by sending it through tubes in particular parts such as gears and bearings in order for them to run smoothly and efficiently. Lastly, the filter is the final part that acts as a piece to contain all of the oil in order for it to not spill everywhere in the engine. If any one of these parts is broken or missing, the entire system doesn't work and will cause your engine to potentially break down. So brake service is also required.

How to check your auto mobile oil yourself?

-Find the dipstick compartment. This is usually located near the center of the car’s engine, either on the driver or passenger side. Remove it by simply turning to pull out.

-Put your fingers around it and slowly turn until you reach a certain point. Oil should be at the top end of this insert, but if not then investigate by checking oil level against gauge lines which are related to specific volumes of auto oil in milliliters (mL). If necessary, you can unscrew screw at bottom of dipstick to remove any excess reservoir fluid before reading again.

-Remove excess reservoir fluid using small screw at base of dipstick

-Fingers should now be gripping only one half of the rubber insert. If it is not, the oil level may be too low and you should refill using required engine oil instead of checking reading again.

-If oil is in the correct place, the dipstick will show an oil level which is between two of the outer lines (not too high and not too low).

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