Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Pre-Purchase Car Inspections Austin

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by getting one simple thing done: asking the advice from our mobile mechanics.

We will give your used car an instant once-over before you make any decisions, and when that time comes where there is nothing left for us to do but sell or fix what needs fixing on it (and buy back into circulation),

then we'll let buyers know they're getting more than just another beat up cab ride home with some patchwork repairs along country roads in need for improvement - this service could be worth thousands!

Pre-purchase car inspections are easy and convenient to arrange, but many people don't know this. This could fall down either due lack of budget in paying for an additional inspection or anticipation of aggravation with the process which will make them refuse when asked by sellers or owners who request one themselves.

It is important that consumers seek advice from certified technicians before purchasing used cars so as not get caught unaware later on after purchase."


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A pre-purchase car inspection is an important step in the buying process. By taking time to research any potential issues, you can save yourself from making costly mistakes down the line and increase your chances of getting a good deal on what will be one of most expensive purchases that many people make during their lifetime! You should always ask about these reports before purchasing anything - if there are no major concerns then walk away happy (or negotiate with seller).

Why Is Request Denied?

It's always a relief when the seller allows you to have an inspection. If they don't, there might be something wrong with their car that could lead to more problems down the line and make buying it impossible!

Highly Recommended Pre-Purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is a must for all vehicles, even if the buyer knows what to look out for. In fact it's more important than ever because there have been so many recalls with some models being completely unsafe and undocumented by Ford Motor Company themselves!

Test Drive

A test drive of any vehicle is important to ensure that you are comfortable with your new purchase. Take the time for some hilly roads, bumpy areas and undulations in order to see if there are any vibrations or performance issues lurking underneath.

Major Problems

An inspection will highlight any major problem, including but not limited to the following:

Frame or Chassis damage: This will impact the vehicle's structural integrity and make it dangerous to drive.

Previous repair work:  If you see these documents, this shows that there has been at least one repair performed and the procedure was documented. This is proof that there were previous problems with your vehicle which may not be fixed now!

Smoker: If you are purchasing a car online, it can be difficult to spot any smoking smells or stains. I would advise knowing in advance that this might happen so the buyer knows what they'll have to deal with if their purchase does include these items!

Flood-Damage: The damage done by floods isn't limited only to cosmetic issues either; there have been documented cases where vehicles history has not accurately reflected incidents due trailer being damaged by flood water.

You want to make sure that you know what kind of car is in for sale before buying it. The best way would be letting a qualified mechanic inspect your used vehicle, and if possible having them do an inspection once more after some time has passed so as not to set any false expectations with regard process or condition from old cars often show wear-andatay accidents can damage their bodies further overrode frames may need replaced occasionally during regular maintenance drives belts etc...

A used car is an investment, but buying one can be confusing. There are many things that may seem off or questionable about a vehicle- especially if they don't have much miles on them! Bodywork could mean the previous owner had some work done to their paint job which doesn't match perfectly; gaps around hoods and trunks might not all match up correctly because of accidents during repair jobs where metal was replaced with plastic fillers instead (this usually happens when there has been no damage before).

Tire wear will tell you whether steering problems exist as well as loose play in steering wheels due from worn out parts over time causing those signs too appear sooner than expected on older cars. Metal parts will over time show rust that is nothing to be alarmed about unless it's excessive, this may indicate previous collisions on bumpers too, but can also be caused from other things.

We have been keeping cars safe throughout the entire Austin valley. Let our team of mobile mechanics keep your car running safely, so give us a call today!

What Is Covered?

By using a reputable and friendly mechanic to check over a used vehicle, you will have a clear indication of what you are purchasing without you setting any expectations which may not happen. By having a qualified mechanic performing and inspection, this can serve several functions.

  • It will Verify the equipment listed, is what is being sold with the car
  • It will be Confirmed the vehicle is in the condition of which it has been described.
  • It will be revealed if there are any problems with the frame, engine or body that have not been disclosed.
  • Checks engine and body codes that will show if there has been any tampering.
  • It will build your buying confidence as you will know you are not wasting hard earned money.
  • Car, both your transmission

If you want to make sure you are getting a quality vehicle, it is recommended that you have the vehicle inspected by an automotive mechanic. This will help ensure that your expectations are not set too high or too low. It will also reveal any problems with the frame, engine or body of the car which have not been disclosed.

There will be a check engine and body codes which will show if there has been any tampering. Doing this inspection will build your confidence as you know you are not wasting your hard-earned money on a car that doesn't work properly.

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