Automotive AC Repair

Automotive AC Repair Austin

Why deal with unpleasant temperatures because your car isn’t cool enough for comfort?

Mobile Mechanics of Austin will help to identify and correct the problems you have with a comprehensive automotive AC repair.

An AC unit can deliver more than comfort and under certain situations, can also prevent your windshield fogging.A mobile technician will go through the air conditioning of the car and verify if it performs exactly as intended.

We can give you a mobile mechanic, so if you’re at home or the workplace, you can feel more relaxed knowing that a mobile mechanic is a call away to fix your AC.

Here are a few items that can lead the Austin mobile mechanic to do a simple automotive AC repair on any kind of car.

Note: A routine annual car service will avoid many of these problems.


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Top Symptoms for Austin Automotive AC Repair?

Here are some symptoms you can face, requiring you to contact your nearest mobile mechanic who can do AC repair.

  • Aircon is warmer than ambient air
  • Blowing air smells like fungi and mold
  • Your cabin isn’t colder or significantly cooler
  • Your radiator or A/C only works while driving
  • The air blows cool air, or AC blows warm air
  • Low airflow at highest fan setting

Reasons for Weak Airflow in AC Units?

There’s nothing worse than realizing you need to contact Mobile Mechanics of Austin on a sweltering day. You do need to get the car AC fixed for small things instead of waiting until they turn into significant automotive AC repair tasks.

The main reasons forlack of airflow are:

  • Mold or mildew accumulates in from excess moisture in the evaporator
  • The blower hoses that provide air to your AC system are loose
  • Air ventilation fan is not rotating properly
  • One or more seals is degrading or broken

Austin Automotive AC Repair Checklist

When one of the technician’s visits, they use a checklist to isolate the problem involving automotive AC repair.

A comprehensive analysis of AC blower controls

  • Comprehensive tests on coolant radiators, working temperatures, hoses, thermostat and pressure
  • AC-compressor belt test
  • Full inspection for seal leakage and other apparent damages
  • Perform a pressure test for the cooling system
  • Verification of the A/C device pressure follows the requirements of the manufacturer
  • Measurement of indoor air vent temperatures

An experienced mobile mechanic in Austin can run through his detailed checks quickly and very efficiently.

Andrea – Austin

“Somewhere there was a short on my AC unit. I checked Mobile Mechanics of Austin, and they came to carry out their detailed automotive AC repair. I’m not sure, but I think my vehicles cooler than it ever was. Superb!!”

Warm Air Conditioning Needs Automotive AC Repair

AC diagnostics from a skilled AC mobile mechanic can have your vehicle nice and cool in no time. You can find the lack of cold air from an AC unit is uncomfortable on hot days, yet even with good airflow, if it doesn’t cool, you’ll need a mobile mechanic to run through your system.

Causes of AC Not Cooling:

  • Condenser/evaporator damaged or ineffective
  • Clogged extension tubes/refrigerant filling hoses
  • Faulty compressor or clutch compressor
  • Faulty blower engine or blower engine resistance
  • Leaking devices due to failed O-rings, seals, or hoses

No matter what problem you have with your AC system, contacting Mobile Mechanics of Austin will save aggravation and cost later. Irrespective of location or time of day, our mechanics will perform 24/7 automotive AC repair in and around Austin.


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