Radiator Repair

Radiator Repair Austin

If your car overheats and sputters before you pull over, you might have a broken part of the radiator. Looking under your vehicle, you’ll find out for sure. The cause can differ, but symptoms are similar.

If you see green, pink, blue, or orange puddles? That means you have a leak, and somehow you need a radiator repair from a mobile mechanic.

The worst time to realize you need to replace your radiator is when you’re driving around in the hot Austin weather. For all your needs and questions, our phone lines are available 24/7, so you’ll have the utmost confidence that you will not be stuck with no way of traveling.

Mobile Mechanics of Austinare experts in mobile radiator repair,and we will get you fixed up and back on the road before long and get your car diagnosed.

We will have an Austin mobile mechanic with you in the shortest time possible, no matter where or when you are stuck.


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Coolant Leaking

Although they have some protection, a radiator is vulnerable because it can face flying debris. Coolant leakage can be caused by corrosion, broken hoses, and high temperatures.

Leaks are often involved in radiator repair issues; you can see this from the colored leak under your car.

You can top up your system and make it home if you have a slow leak, but you are stuck in Austin once you lose all of your coolants.

You need to contact Mobile Mechanics of Austin to send out a professional mobile mechanic as soon as you see a leak. Typical places you might have leaks are:

  • Split Hoses from the engine to the radiator
  • Leaking or missing radiator cap
  • Head gasket or engine block leaks (water mixes with oil in this case)
  • An external leak in a worn or broken water pump

Temperature Increase

You’re going to have a gauge somewhere on your dash cluster. This climbs from cold to the center at operating temperatures after you start the engine. If these increases, you might have a pending problem needing a radiator repair.

If your engine’s temperature rises, the first sign you can see is that steam pours from below the hood. You cannot see signs that your motor oil is cooking, and if this happens, you need a mobile mechanic.

Reasons for this increase can include:

  • Faulty water pump
  • Sticking thermostat or faulty temperature sensor
  • Serpentine Belt or fan belt broken
  • Radiator fan and heater hose issues
  • Blocked radiator or missing radiator cap
  • Coolant levels and cooling sensor sticking

Regardless of the above issue, they can all lead to radiator repair. If you experience such problems, contact us to help with one of our mobile mechanics from Austin.

Peter J - (Austin)

“My car poured with steam. I pulled over and called Mobile Mechanics of Austin. After cleaning a stuck sensor, I was back on the road with a cool engine. Great job, highly recommended.”

Radiator Flush with anAustin Mobile Mechanic

If you need regular service, ask our mobile mechanics to conduct a radiator flush. By making sure there are no blocked pipes and sensors, you can reduce the radiator repair chances in Austin.

Such a service only takes place every couple of years and can support your car in the summer heat as much as it can in winter colds.

Don’t wait until steam pours into your engine to call Mobile Mechanics of Austin. Plan a mobile mechanic to ensure that your cooling system is doing what it is meant to be doing.

Do You Have Car To Be Fixed?